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At Avant Eyes Optometry, we are passionate about patient education. We believe that you are your own best advocate when empowered with knowledge and answers to your curiosities about eye care. And we have those answers! Dr. Kataria will share her knowledge on topics such as medical eye care, night driving vision, contact lens care, dry eye, how to recognize an eye-related emergency, and more! Remember to check back frequently for updated topics.

How to manage dry eyes if you are considering cataract or LASIK surgery

The integrity of the ocular surface plays an important role in the success of cataract and refractive surgery. Treatment of dry eye disease (DED) is becoming an integral part of primary eye care, and optometrists are poised perfectly to initiate treatments for DED in a primary eye care setting.

What is a pterygium?

A pterygium is a thickening of the transparent tissue of the eye that is associated with chronic UV exposure.

Dr. Kataria Is Passionate About Medical Optometry

She is dedicated to educating students and residents on the role a medical optometrist has in preventing serious diseases of the eye through early detection and annual eye examinations.

Healthcare Disparities exist

Healthcare disparities cause uneven distribution and access to healthcare and Dr Kataria is passionate about addressing those to increase access and education in the eye care space

Regenerative Medicine in EyeCare

Regenerative Medicine is becoming more prevalent in eyecare, especially in the treatment of Dry Eye Disease. Amniotic membrane is a mode of treatment that we utilize at Avant Eyes.

What are your treatment options for glaucoma?

Dr. Kataria is residency-trained in glaucoma and will identify any risk factors you have during your eye exam.

Dry Eye Disease requires a holistic and multi-factorial approach.

Dry Eye Disease is a  multifactorial, chronic disease process, meaning there are many reasons as to why it can occur and it is ongoing, much like diabetes and arthritis.

What is the difference between Vision Insurance and Medical Insurance?

Medical insurance is the same insurance you utilize with your primary care physician.

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