Myopia Control

Has your child’s glasses prescription been increasing at every yearly visit? Have you wondered how to slow it down? Have you wondered what the long term implications and consequences are of a progressing prescription?

The increasing concerns over myopia progression are a constant topic of discussion and research in the eyecare community. Myopia is a disease process whereby the eye elongates in childhood, and the glasses/contact lens prescription increases periodically. With this increase comes a possible risk of developing retinal detachments and maculopathy.

What is myopia control?

New technologies are developing that allow opportunity to slow down the progression of your child’s glasses prescription at the right age. Treatment modalities include behavioral modifications, glasses, soft contact lenses and eye drops. Schedule a consultation for more information on options right for your child.

"We are certified to fit MiSight Contact Lenses for Myopia Control. Schedule a Myopia Control Consult"

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