What is myopia?

What is myopia?


Myopia is synonymous with near sightedness, meaning you can see at near but have difficulty at the distance without correction. This typically develops at a young age, during childhood, when the body and the eyes are growing. It is estimated that by the year 2050, 10% of the global population will be myopic. So what’s the concern? Increasing myopia carries risk for myopic maculopathy, retinal detachment and glaucoma. It is important to control myopia progression at a young age, typically in childhood, to reduce the risk of complications during adulthood. 

Risk factors include: 

  • Myopic parent(s)
  • Limited outdoor time
  • Increased near work 
  • High myopia prescription at a young age

Treatments options for myopia control at Avant Eyes include glasses, soft contact lenses and eye drops. 

Please schedule a consultation for your child to evaluate the risk for developing myopia and treatments to reduce the risk of progression.

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