Why is your vision blurry when driving at night?

Why is your vision blurry when driving at night?


You may have noticed that your vision is only blurry when you drive at nighttime, but during the day you feel you see well. There are multiple causes for this, including cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, uncorrected refractive error (do you need glasses?) and most commonly, dry eye disease. Factors that might make this worse are a dirty windshield, glare from oncoming headlights and poor street lamp lighting. 

So what can you do? 


  • Cleaning your windshield and headlight covers 
  • Avoid driving in poorly lit areas, especially if you are new to the area 
  • Use preservative-free artificial tears
  • Wear your prescription glasses if they are intended for distance vision 
  • If this does not fix the problem, we recommend scheduling an appointment at Avant Eyes for a comprehensive eye exam.

Check out Dr Kataria’s Youtube video on this topic!

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